Work with Booste

These roles will change often, and exceptions will always apply.

If you have a fire for Booste's vision, but don't perfectly fit one of these roles, reach out anyway!

We're looking for:

  • Distributed Systems Engineer (Remote)

    • You would lead the development of our application-level ML training and serving engines, necessary for training and running billion+ parameter models.
    • Experience with compiled systems languages (C++ or Golang) required.
    • Familiarity with machine learning libraries (Tensorflow or Pytorch) and CUDA are a plus.
  • Virtualization Engineer (Remote)

    • You would lead the development of our vGPU platform, a vital component in serving larger-than-memory models such as GPT3.
    • Experience with compiled systems languages (C++ or Golang), virtualization, and CUDA are required.
  • Wildcard Engineer (Remote)

    • You would be a full-stack software generalist who will code directly alongside the CEO and build the plane as we fly it.
    • You will go into any project with the faith that you'll (eventually) figure it out.
    • No hard experience requirements, just a proven track record of a lighting-fast learning curve.
  • Head of Marketing (Remote)

    • You would be responsible for growing Booste's digital presence.
    • You will be given autonomy to create content, community, and any other growth engines you may desire.

To chat about opportunities, email with a resume or one-paragraph summary, or slide into Erik's DMs on our Discord.