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Add custom machine learning models to your project, while hardly lifting a finger.

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We handle the entire ML pipeline.

Data Collection

Data Annotation

Model Training

Model Deployment

You become an ML powerhouse.

Custom Training Dashboard
Simple Inference API
Free-to-Use Pretrained Models
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Add a Single Line of Code

to leverage powerful models


Machine Comprehension

Predict the next word from a given sequence of words.


Machine Comprehension

Answer questions based on a given input paragraph.


Machine Translation

Translate the language of a given sequence of words.


Object Detection

Detect objects in a given image using bounding boxes, such as cars, bikes, or raccoons.


Image Classification

Detect if a given image falls into a certain class, such as hotdog and not-hotdog.

Fast Neural Style Transfer

Image Style Transfer

Apply the artistic style of one given image onto a second given image.

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